Call Berkeys Plumbing in  Garland for Emergency Repair That is Fast, Effective

Let’s face it, anytime the toilet won’t flush, the sink won’t drain or a water line breaks, you have a plumbing emergency. It is unfortunate when you have to call us at a time like this, but we know you’ll learn that you can count on us for all your plumbing needs.

Water Heaters Repairs or Installed Nights and Weekends

Has your water heater broken down before a big occasion, or do you just really need a shower and there isn’t any hot water? call us now and one of our emergency plumbers in Garland will respond quickly. We can be there night or day to fix your water heater. Tankless or conventional we know how to repair it, and we can do it for less than our competitors. With prices as good as ours and service that is even better, you can rest assured that your Water heating system is in good hands.

Emergency Sewer Repairs

Our Garland emergency sewer repair crews are on call 24/7. Raw sewage is backing up into your home, and you don’t know what to do? First, call us, and second grab your towel and get out of there. The best you can do is to turn off all water sources in your home. Any more water that goes down your drain is just that much water ending up in the low places of your home. Do not worry, our Texas licensed plumbers are trained to handle sewer emergencies, and are experts at re sanitizing the effected areas. Just remember, from tree roots to grease clogs, you can count on us to remove the obstruction or repair or replace the broken pipe.  See Conroe TX plumber site for more information.

Natural Gas Leaks in Garland TX

Homeowners and businesses in Garland Texas will quite often use natural gas for heating, hot water, close drying, and cooking. Small businesses may also use natural gas for manufacturing processes. If you need equipment moved, appliances installed, or if you experience a natural gas leak, know that Berkeys plumbing can make the repairs. But first you need to make sure things are safe by getting the natural gas turned off so that it doesn’t continuously leak into a confined space work because of explosion. If in doubt, call the fire department. The best thing is to locate your natural gas shut off now so that you will know where it’s at in the case of an emergency. In your home, it’s usually in the basement.

Busted Water Line at Your Garland Home or Office

Pipes get busted. That’s just a fact of life. Equipment could brush up against a pipe and cause a leak or if the pipes are very old, they can spring a leak on their own. Old pipes can rust and may need to be replaced. Call Berkeys plumbing today for a free estimate to replace or repair busted waterlines in your home or office.

Frozen Pipes in Garland, TX

Garland Texas is warm year-round. So this doesn’t happen very often but it could: frozen water pipes. If your waterlines freeze keep in mind that water expands. When water expands it can break its container which in this case would be your pipes. So if a crazy freeze hits the Garland Texas area and your pipes have frozen to the point where water will not run, keep an eye on them as things warm up. Leaks could spring up everywhere causing damage to your building including carpeting and sheet rock.