Garland TX Sewer Repair is here to fix your sewer problems. Our trained operators are here to answer your every question about repairing sewers. In the Garland area we know that sometimes your sewer backs up. This can be caused by many different things. The most likely is root intrusion or collapse.

On rarer occasions it could be a back up from the main, which means a more extensive clean up, but less repairs on your part. If it isn’t that last reason, Garland Plumber has many different ways of fixing these problems.

First we start with a video inspection. This determines what exactly is wrong with your sewage system. Then when we pinpoint the problem, we attack it with our arsenal of sewer repairing technologies. And we can still cut a tree root out of your system faster than all those other “guy in a van” plumbers out there.

Video Sewer Inspection Garland TX

Video inspection is the best way to determine what is wrong with your sewer system. Using an optical cable, snaked through your system, our certified Plumber can see obstructions first hand. This information makes all the difference because back in the day you would have to call us out to dig up your yard and dissecting the pipes physically to see what is wrong.

As you may have guessed, the new way is a lot  faster and less invasive. This reduces the cost of the repairs significantly and allows us to offer free or reduced inspections. Call us today to set up an appointment, and one of our certified technicians will be at your home or office ASAP to check out your system.

Trenchless and Pipe Bursting Sewer Repair

After we determine what is ailing your sewer system Garland Plumber can give you several options for repair. If your pipe is blocked due to collapse, or degraded to the point that they cant hold the sewage to the main, we can use one of several trenchless methods of pipe repair.

They involve making the smallest holes possible in your yard and then using advanced techniques to replace the damaged section. Pipe bursting destroys the old pipe and fishes through new pipe to replace it. Relining inserts a new reinforced and waterproof  liner that will seal and repair a weakened pipe. The liner expands and basically inflates an air pocket to create an area allow sewage to flow safely to the main.